Skipole WSGI application generator.

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pi01 skitest skiclub svgplot is a framework for creating Python WSGI applications.

A web admin interface allows the developer to create web pages containing widgets.

The developer then needs to write appropriate python functions to receive data and populate the widget parameters.

Skipole requires python 3.2 or later.


The Downloads link takes you to the bitbucket site where the latest version can be downloaded, this is a tar file, uncompress it in a directory of your choice.

The project has no dependencies other than python 3.2 or above. So far it has been developed on Linux only.

Further information can be found from the Documentation link, which takes you to the bitbucket wiki pages. The admin web interface also contains its own documentation.


A new project can be created with the command:


This creates and serves a new project using the python standard library wsgiref.simple_server.

To serve an already existing project, run:

python3 myprojectname

Connecting to localhost:8000 will allow you to view the web site.

To serve and administer the project, run:

python3 -s myprojectname

Which adds web based admin functions at localhost:8000/skiadmin

The admin pages allow the project to be edited, and produces a tar file containing the site and your code, with a wsgi application script. It is intended that in a finished project the application could be served via any wsgi server.

Associated projects developed with Skipole:

pi01 : General Raspberry Pi control web server.

skitest : Testing skipole widgets etc.,

skiclub : A club membership scheme, with member and admin login.

svgplot : Illustrates graph generation, requires gnuplot.